Nquhdemena: Information Technology Solutions Catalogue

Looking for an experienced and committed Information Technology team for your next project? Here are our Top IT Solutions Catalogue for you, where you can engage our team with great confidence.ND Server Setup

#1. IT Infrastructure Services

With almost eight years professional and practical experience related to Information technology, our Infrastructure Services practice is ready to help plan your new infrastructure and/or upgrade your existing IT infrastructure.  Our Infrastructure Solutions include:

  • Data center Planning
  • Server Performance Optimization services
  • Storage Implementation
  • High Availability Solutions
  • IT Assessments and health Inspections
  • Power and Cooling Consulting and Implementation Services
  • Staff  Augmentation
  • Windows and Linux Systems Implementation and Migration services
  • Cloud Servers Implementation and Migration solutions
  • ..and More

#2. Virtualization Services

We deliver virtualization solutions that reduce the cost and complexity of your enterprise. Server consolidation alone can create significant equipment savings, as well as lowering electricity costs and minimizing data center space. Virtualization is most powerful option for getting extra Return on Investment (ROI) and performance from your existing IT infrastructure. Virtualization Services Include: Cloud Infrastructure

  • Infrastructure Optimization
  • Automation
  • Management and
  • Infrastructure Continuity

#3. Enterprise Content Management

  • Content Management System Implementation or Migration
  • Documentation and Archiving Services
  • Integration with Security and Database systems Document Management, Workflow and Collaboration Processes
  • Email and Document Archiving for Storage
  • Hierarchical Storage Management Solutions
  • Comprehensive Scanning/Document Imaging Solutions

#4. Storage and Backup Solutions

Creating advanced storage solutions, architected to meet the unique needs of each Organization. Our Solutions include:

  • Design and implement modern reliable storage systems
  • Reduce the total cost of storing and managing your data
  • Consolidate redundant network components
  • Optimize speed and reliability of storage and backup environments

#5. Web Technology and Web Services

We have experts in web technology and web application developments – highly experienced in todays and tomorrows dynamic web Technologies. Our Web Technology Solutions Include:Web

  • Develop and Deploy Modern dynamic websites
  • Build, deploy and run applications in a proven, secure and flexible environment using web 4.0 Technologies
  • Develop Organizations Web Portals and Intranet systems
  • Develop and Deploy Digital Library and Archiving Solutions
  • E-learning solutions  
  • Automate and integrate online marketing and sales processes across multiple channels

#6. Linux and Windows Solutions

Whether the Strategy of your organization is to go with Linux, windows or both we have experiences to provide solutions to best meet your platforms and applications needs. These Include:

  • Domain Services (Active Directory and/or LDAP)
  • Database Solutions (MS SQL Server , MySQL Server, Oracle Database solutions …)
  • E-mail Server - Windows Or Linux Hosted
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Custom Applications Development on Demand

#7. Enterprise Security Solutions

Enterprise Security Solutions reduce the risks and threats to your IT organization’s security implementations – and lower your overall total cost of ownership. Areas of Solution Include:

  • Identity Management
  • Access Management
  • Auditing Solutions
  • Firewall and VPN implementations
  • Advanced Security Appliances configuration

#8. Education, Training and Custom Workshops on Information Technology

At Nquhdemena (ND) we believe developing the Human Resource Capacity is equally important to the investments done on both Hardware and software aspects of IT. Therefore we are also equally committed in IT training and continuous education plans. We provide onsite, off site and on the go training solutions. Out training solution include but not limited to:Education

  • IT infrastructure planning and implementation
  • Advanced Server and Network Administration
  • Web Technology Training
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Programming
  • IT Management  and
  • Customized on demand training services